June 19th, 2012

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She won't leave here a free man?

Hey, remember when I said I'd never watch True Blood? Famous last words are famous. And then remember when I did start watching it but only grudgingly for Michelle Forbes and was all, "This is actually kind of cool, but I'm not that fussed about Pam"? L. O. L. Those were good times. It's not like it's my favourite show now or anything, but what if it is? What then? (It's not. But it's a lot closer to being that than a) it is to being anything else, b) it probably should be or c) I ever in a million years thought it would be.) Pam is my favourite character on television right now, though. That's a legit happening thing, and has been since 3x0something.

Coherent thought? What? Because flashbacks happened and asklfdjasldkfjs;dklfj how about them feels.

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And there's more where that came from and all. This season, man. This fucking season.