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We've come to finish what we started

I got the first three episode synopses in a Google Alert last night, and apparently Eric and Pam are having their first meeting in San Francisco? Which means no Jack the Ripper. Which means I have a sad. FFS, Ball. The one time, THE ONE LOUSY TIME, I actually wanted you to conform with book!canon. But no, you just had to go and do your own freewheeling thing. (Which, don't ever change. The books are fun but kind of stupid and should mostly be ignored.)

Whatever. ERIC AND PAM.

And there had better be sexytimes. So help me God, there had better.

Can I just say also that I'm thrilled to bits by the prospect of this season going back to being mostly about the vampires? You can keep your fucking lame-ass weres (except Alcide), and to a certain extent your witches, too. I JUST WANT MY VAMPIRES.

I'm back at work tomorrow. (Well, technically today.) Which I'm looking forward to, but at the same time, sigh.

Going to fall asleep now listening to Alex verbally fawning over Kristin in the 4x04 commentary. I've played it relatively cool thus far, like "No, no, I just ship the characters. Not the actors. I know I got pretty excited about the way they were at Comic-Con last year, but that was just because they were SO CUTE AND FLIRTY IT WAS RIDIC DID YOU SEE THEM GOD. But no sir, no actor shipping for me. I'm a stand-up girl with morals and stuff." With this internal struggle raging all the while. But now it's like hotwrong has opened the door to all kinds of inappropriate feels, and...yeah, there's nothing cool about this anymore. Not with him rhapsodising about the great season she had and bemoaning the endless hours she had to spend in make-up. HE CALLED HER HIS BEAUTIFUL LITTLE BARBIE DOLL, YOU GUYS. AND HIS FAVOURITE. HE LITERALLY SAID "KRISTIN'S MY FAVOURITE." IF YOU DON'T FLAIL, YOU HAVE NO SOUL. hateonme.mp3
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