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You sure know how to treat a lady

OKAY WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? I know this show has begged that question a lot of times over the years, but seriously today. WHAT. THE FUCK. WAS THAT.

/ Sookie threw up on Alcide's shoes. (Instead of his crotch, which would have been way funnier.)

/ It seems like Corbett and Michelle were both part-fairy, even though the math on that doesn't work.

/ The Authority and the Queen hated each other, but they apparently used the same architects.

/ Terry's unit is being stalked by a Middle Eastern fire monster.

/ Jesus's disembodied head is trying to talk to people.

/ Sam and Luna got shot, and I'm 97% sure Luna is dead.

/ Bill and Sookie were holding hands for a minute there, and I liked it.

/ Tara fed on Hoyt, and Jessica's mad, and now there's a catfight on.


This is not a list of complaints. Some of these things I did enjoy. Plus, there were some other things I loved. (Sookie being awesome again. Pam's look, oh my Godddddd. Tara and Jessica being girlfriends. "Jumbo coffee and box of Nutter Butters.") But this episode felt a lot like somebody trying to cure me of my sanity using immersion therapy.

I get it now! Russell is Voldemort! This show isn't a political allegory at all! IT'S HARRY POTTER FOR PERVS.
Tags: tv: true blood

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