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james spader made me do it

that's crap. and some of it was in klingon.

people hold candles, nora
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me tiana. xxx. only child. born one hundred and
twenty years late. hear me roar.

tv american horror story. farscape. riverdale.
star trek. svu. the mandalorian.

ships cordelia/misty. elliot/olivia. fp/alice.
john/aeryn. odo/kira. rollins/carisi.

music aerosmith. fall out boy. fleetwood mac.
peter gabriel. the killers.

books h.g. wells. magic lessons. stephen king.
the magic mountain. the wheel of time.

movies birds of prey. dune. practical magic.
the 355. the nest. the old guard.

people carrie coon. joanne kelly. kelli giddish.
mädchen amick. polly walker. sarah paulson.

links 2021. goodreads. trakt. tumblr. twitter.

credits fo. graphic. layout. moods. profile. tinypics.