james spader made me do it

that's crap. and some of it was in klingon.

people hold candles, nora
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me tiana. xxx. only child. born one hundred and
twenty years late. hear me roar.

tv elementary. orange is the new black.
the leftovers. the sinner.

ships fig/caputo. illya/napoleon. kevin/nora.
lou/debbie. scott/hope. sherlock/joan.

music cher. drake. florence + the machine.
kate bush. the beatles. the killers.

books a song of ice and fire. fevre dream. h.g. wells.
stephen king. the throne of glass series.

movies ant-man. avengers: infinity war. ocean's 8.
the man from u.n.c.l.e. venom.

people carrie coon. charlize theron. joanne kelly.
mozhan marnò. polly walker. tom hardy.

links 2018. goodreads. trakt. tumblr. twitter.

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